Wednesday, October 2, 2013

a Poems

Too Confuse to make a themes at this poem , i think this called
Is not my feels ,  just one feel about .
Just a little, but really disturbing .

We are too weak to stands each .
We are too small to face the world alone .

That's no fair to have between .
Declare a decision choice .
A whole new world is never been easy .
Too doubt to face .
Too long to thought .

So if we give up because this storm , will we get own happiness that's we feels when we be us? .

Doubt is a worst . 
Between is not fair .
Be the one for each other.

we just have one life to live and there's no time to waste, don't let it destroys.
Let's face too much challenge in front, more than little it , baby .


Andina Dyah Ratnasari™

A Family

That's  Poem is dedicated to a Family, everyone is having each family..

A family
A treasure from god.
A best creature god's made,
A best gift from god after a life.
Family never left
in side no one's care about life How bad day you face ,
family besides

There's a holy blood in there 
United each other
A helping soul to someone's same blood
Is a genetic dna 

Blessing to have a family 
Care much , protecting much and loving more 

Respect your family, your dad, mom, brother, sister, grandpap, grandmom and all your tree's generation

Because family beside and god never left
Andina Dyah Ratnasari™