Thursday, June 18, 2015

20 facts about adrs #me

Share about 20 fact about yourself ..

20 facts of me

1. I love my god, Allah swt. As moeslem, i iqro Alquran.
2. My Family name is "Hirawan"
i have a father with a gorgeous heart, my mother with disipline one, but she make me strong, and i really be thankful to her, they all sipil employee.
my brother is someone crazy about tech like me, my sister someone  who work hospitally.
I love them btw and i am the younger in my fams
3. My body easy gain weight, i am fully bless because i am health, so i must keep my food (is called diet, damn.. ups)
honestly i love eat, and i love slim too :(
4. I have best, partner in crime, i called them kesayangan, i love all of them, so much, they all always help me :*
5. Honestly i am pet lover, especially a cat!! How i love the cute one thing god created..
My first cat's name is "shiro", her color is like "bon bon cat".
And now my baby cat is michi, she is really cute, i love her so damn.
6. My SHS is 112, called swable, 2009 generation. I graduated from Budiluhur, south of jakarta, at first 2013, my bachelor spend 3,5years, i got "S.Kom" behind my name, i planned to continue my master with IT bussiness major(i hope get it free, amin). My last toefl score is 600, is just a luck.. I love study, i love reading, i love blogging, i love sing, although my voice isn't good, i am excited to know about something new, is make me curious. When i am at college my friends call me "emma watson".
7. I always have optimist soul, but sometimes, when i am down, i weak as a tiny child.
8. I always be bullying target, my friends says because i am easy going and no worry about that (nerd, right?)
9. I am maspanger's generation (big family)
10. I am still single but not available >.< muehehe..
I hope can marry with a gorgeous heart one, someday on 2017.
11. My wishlist is : own car and own apartment, i work hard to make my dreams come true..
I love travelling, but not obsesses with that, i am focus to buy my wishlist.
12. I work at security solution, 
PT. Axindo Humaperdana, 
as an analyst system and programmer.
I past almost 2years at PT. Jaya Konstruksi Manggala Pratama as a secretary coorporate (Technical, administration, and side IT).
13. My thesis is a system about library, i do it at SMPN 38, benhil. My KKP at Joe's Auto Car a system solution about "service". 
14. I have my own onlineshop @alleyshashop i build at april 2015, i am a part of
PT.Tupperware Indonesia since june 2015.
15. Bycycle is the one i drove well and full confident hhe...
I love a car with high speed, manuver is my favorite.. haha and i have driving license type A like my bloodtype , A.
16. I love exercise, bycycle, swimming, walking, running, but i seldom do it, because i do my home work.
17. I can cook, my best food is fried rice, i can made a cake too.
18. My first salary i got is when i am 10 years old, as a privat teacher, i teach kids around my house.
19. I earn Rp. 500.000 from sell my cake made, to pay my study tour fee, when i am at senior high school during a month.
20. I love daniel radcliffe as an actor, i love vidi aldiano as a singer ;) 


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