Monday, January 19, 2015


Dear someone,
you know where to look for me when you want me to be with you.
Because you have stolen this heart and into me.
come and take me dear, I am willing to wait because I 'm sure one day you become a part of my life and we will together.
You and I have a lot of dreams
The distances make me feel sick, because feels really missing you.

You've found me when i'm down and need more space to have new life.
Is my mistake late to realize that.

let me stand by you, 
face the problem of life one by one, let me by your side.
Let me be your only one.

I swear I felt perfect when i am with you.
spend a moment with you is my happiness.
You drove me crazy.
I know your heart, imperfection and all about. Accept it all.
Baby, dont lie, make a movement fast as soon as you can. If you are sure i am your destiny, Leave your past, let it go, come to me.

If someday god let you and i become us.
I am ready to face all the challenges of the origin life, if i pass it and can shared it with you.


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