Friday, May 8, 2015


I have a drug, someone like heroin, something i need so much, i call him a drug, i think i am dying without it, addicted, cause drug make people dying. 

But my drug is stupid, just like me my drug is bad, bad temper, not brave enough,  like a child, but i need my drug always.

But you are my medicine, i need too, because drug make me die, i can't consume it too much, i must stop from drug. I can't depending, it dangerous..

I am a shinner, right? Right, i am bad.. really bad..

But my medicine just help cure me for temporary, i still searching my drug. 
I don't need anything except my drug, like a coffee i addicted you.

I forgot my medicine when i am with my drug.  Yes i know, i am stupid like that, pardon me i can't handle it, i can't resist my drug, i still need it.

Thank you my medicine, you still here when i am in bad, when i am pain. You help me standing. I am still trying hard to stop consume my drug.


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