Friday, December 21, 2012



   a BIG hope for my lovely JAKARTA 

“ Jakarta “ , The capital city of INDONESIA . 

Rich, wider, a lot of populations, and mostly jobbers wanted .
Yap, as a capital city, Jakarta is the popular’s city in Indonesia,
For Government , business, economy oriented all become one as the named Jakarta.
As a capital city which have a million populations, there’s so many problems in this city .
Let me tell you as a citizens of Indonesian.
At the first corruption become classic problems , really weird , as a rich country,
Indonesia is the 3rd most corrupt country , isn’t it weird, right?
I’m really sorry about that …
Second, POLLUTION , I really don’t understand why there are so much private transportation in the way, public transportation too , maybe because so many rich people in there *proud* but , I don’t understand why the street’s condition is really weird , trouble , so the population is be more problems and now the TRAFFIC ,  I usually called ‘berantakan’
*crowded* *traffic* *louder* *anger* *not comfortable* *random*     ~~ohmy~~
However, Jakarta, everyday , everytime, every moment, always be traffic jam……….
*ummm I’m really sorry, I forget about the holy day of moeslem , maybe jakarta is not traffic,
Because the citizens of Jakarta is ‘pulkam’ but ooooooooooooops
Wait until they come back home [read : Jakarta].
I really didn’t understand what they all thinking about ..
The people ‘s mindset : Jakarta is the most and best place for we stay for searching job, there are so many job at there, and see what the result …. :/  
Jakarta is becoming more crowded year by year because they come with other man, any other family member , and etc .
and for this case , the government is really weak, uncontrolled condition, yeah it’s happens every years , always be like that , maybe it can be routine tradition , I want called it “kecolongan” upsss…
uncontrolled condition in other, the number of birth, number of population , number of mall *opsss* and etc..
YOU know every citizens must have an ID’s CARD , right ?
Although there’s many people don’t have they all still have high confident to stay at Jakarta.
Ohh Jakarta .. you are really have an interesting point that people can’t resist .

As Indonesian , jakarta’s citizen , I have a big hope for Jakarta in 2013’s , I hope the government can handle the traffic’s problem , with the new government personil, new plan’s work , and Jakarta become more comfortable in all aspect, on public transportation, environment, clean Jakarta, I hope it can be real .

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