Monday, November 4, 2013


I will write something called a LIFESTYLE

Modern lifestyles are completely different from the way people lived in the past. Some people think the changes have been very positive, whilst others believe they have been negative.

World changes every second of every day which brings about the change of lifestyle into nowadays modern style. Whether it is positive is still a highly controversial topic. Obviously everything has two sides but in this case, I think this change is worth being supported because of 3 benefits that it brings to us.
First and foremost, modern world makes life faster and more convenient. The growth of new technologies, the cover of mobile phones and the Internet helps us solve many problems which were extremely difficult in the past.
With an air conditioning, we’ll be comfortable even it is raining or snowing outdoor; with a fly, we can be everywhere you want to be in a short time; with just a call, we’ll have whatever you need from agency and with just a click we can find out everything which is useful from network. It is so great when life is easier and more relaxed. We can deny that environmental pollution, more serious diseases, more natural disasters is a heavy price we have to pay for the modernity; however what we gain is really significant.
 Secondly, human’s lifestyle, including the way we live and act, have changed as well. In current world, competition is especially fierce. It accounts for our hurry rhythm’s life. People walk and work faster and more efficiently. “Hurry up or be run over” seems to be present life slogan. Eventhough it makes us tired but it’s still positive for society’s development. Thanks to competition, human has to try his best in order to survive. The frequently thought stimulates the brain develop. Moreover, being fast increase labour productivity and help us win the inertia and overcome our own boundary to reach a real higher lever. In short, being hurry make people more active and more useful.
 Finally, Human attitude have also changed vastly. An open mindedness replaces old fashioned thinking. We now have a new way of looking at relationship between men and women, among family members, even at sex, etc. It is hard to judge the attitude is good or not.
However, we can recognize that modern idea help us step up to an impartial society. For instance, male chauvinism is gradually deleted; the value of women is accurately appreciated instead. On account of it, women now have a more stress-free life with all the interests like men. It is clearly a good change.

 Whatever, do something what makes you happy
and be remember , life is not about fun fun pleasure only.
 In brief, modern life style is different from the old on all the sides: attitude, life rhythm and physical condition. Taking full advantage of technology, together with faster and open minded life, all make human society more comfortable, greater, more developed and more equitable. There is no double that we have to lost something, even many things, however what we get in life is noticeable and I think more than what we lost. Hence, the change into modern life is positive and should be continued in control.

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